The Pyrates Royale are:     (click on the photos for all the sordid details)
I blame society. Capt. Fletcher T. Moone
(Brad Howard) -- vocals, bellowing, principle bastard
I am a victim of the intolerance of the upper classes. First Mate Long John Skivee
(Craig Williams) -- vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, snarky comments
Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them. Navigator Kat Fairbanks
(Darcy Nair) -- vocals, bad-zouki, hammered dulcimer, concertina, bodhran, bones, dirty looks
Spaniard Louis the Moor
(Damon Hersh) -- vocals, making women swoon
Cabin "Boy" Robyn Stubbs
(Ellie Cattle) -- vocals, fiddle, captain's niece

"CD Wench" -- Hemloche | Scary mascot -- Crusty

Retired Crew:
How did I get here? Quartermaster
Molly Stubbs

(Chelle Fulk)
vocals, fiddle
Is this the line for hugs? Helmsman
Drake Mallard

(Paul DiBlasi)
vocals, guitar
Stand up Peg! Bosun Peg Riley
(Lynn Cunningham)
vocals, bodhran
Sacre bleu! Fifi le BonBon
(Jennifer Garman)
vocals, fiddle
Calico Jack Rackham
(Tim Shaw) -- vocals, guitar, pennywhistle
Jimmy the Crimp
(Erik Booker) -- vocals, guitar
Ensign Wesley Stubbs
(Matt Salisbury) -- vocals, guitar
Retired "CD Wench" -- Iron Pyrite Mike


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Character names are the property of the Pyrates Royale and Pub Duck Productions, as far as you know. But why bother investigating it? Our society is too litigious as it is, and nobody likes a smartass.