You know the risks of Pyrate Love, but are you really ready for it? And if you are, who on our crew is your ideal match? Take this simple quiz to find out!

Quiz for the Blokes

Quiz for the Ladies

Quiz for the Blokes

1.) You admire the kind of woman who can:

a. speak the King's English, yet sound nearly incomprehensible.
b. drink you under the table.
c. give you a friendly punch in the arm and leave a rather large bruise.
d. work a full day at the office, make dinner, keep the house clean and discipline the children, all the while looking perfectly put-together.

2.) You prefer women with:

a. locks that shine like gold and beams of springtime sunlight.
b. firey tempers, and flaming hair to match.
c. hair the color of... ah, brown.
d. not one hair out of place.

3.) Your idea of the perfect romantic evening is:

a. a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and thou.
b. a bottle of scotch, and thou.
c. thumb wrestling, followed by Indian burns for whomever loses.
d. a football game on t.v. while she makes dinner for you and your buddies.

4.) You think a woman should be placed:

a. on the roof.
b. on a pedestal -- and a rather tall one, at that.
c. at arm's length until she gets a bath.
d. in the kitchen.

5) You dream of someday taking your love to:

a. Paris.
b. the nearest pub.
c. help you beat up that bastard who called your sister a strumpet.
d. your hovel of a bachelor pad, mop and cleaning supplies in hand.

-- end of quiz --

Which answer did you choose most often?

a. Fifi Le Bonbon: Ah, bien sur, your taste in women is magnifique! You will be proud to have this fine french lady on your arm. Be aware, however, that she is a costly one to keep. But then, you know that the finer things in life are not free.
b. Peg Riley: This lovely Irish lass will never yell at you for staying at the pub late -- she'll probably match you drink for drink! While she has a firey temper, Peg is easily disarmed with a good joke: it's not unusual to see her helpless in the grip of the "Hee Hee" zone.
c. Kat Fairbanks: You must have had a crush on Peppermint Patty. With Kat, you'll never have to deal with conversations like "Let's talk about our relationship," but just try getting her into a dress to meet your mother. Good luck and don't forget the Bactine.
d. You probably won't find love with this crew! But, hey, keep looking... maybe someday you'll meet a real-life June Cleaver. But, ah, don't hold your breath.

Quiz for the Ladies

1.) You prefer men who are:

a. tall, dark and devastatingly handsome.
b. pushy, loud and powerful.
c. fearless in the face of flying guitar strings.
d. kind, sensitive and considerate.

2.) You admire the kind of man who can:

a. hit an impossibly high note.
b. make otherwise normal people scream "Macintyre!" at the tops of their lungs.
c. invent puns that cause the most stout German soldier to moan in pain.
d. cook a meal and do his own laundry.

3.) Your idea of the perfect romantic meal includes:

a. oysters, chocolates, scotch and roses.
b. stout ale and haggis.
c. raw vegetables.
d. something that he made from scratch.

4.) You can put up with a man even if he:

a. is prettier than you are.
b. has a bad back and a compass tattooed on his head.
c. doesn't know what a bar of soap is.
d. is just a little too in tune with your needs.

5.) You dream of someday meeting a man who will:

a. sweep you off your feet, take you away from your dull and dreary existence and make tender yet passionate love to you.
b. have a sense of humor, yet let you know who's the boss.
c. follow you home and ignore your repeated demands to leave until you finally have to send for the constable.
d. not expect you to be like his mother.

-- end of quiz --

Which answer did you choose most often?

a. Louis the Moor: Take a number! If you don't mind sharing this marvelous, gorgeous man with every other female in the vicinity, just be patient. He WILL get to you -- that's his job. Notoriously high-maintenance, but then, what man isn't?
b. Capt. Fletcher T. Moone: This man oozes power, that universal aphrodisiac. Until his crew shows up. While Fletcher does know how to loudly bark out commands on deck, he is surprisingly charming and sweet with the ladies. Just don't tell anyone, for godssake!
c. Long John Skivee: Well, some people find stalkers and convicted felons charming, too. To be fair, Skivee is good with vegetables, and he is one of a rare breed, a low-maintenance man. Could be a diamond in the rough... after all, what does "Long John" really mean?
d. HA! Prince Charming already married Snow White, ladies. And he didn't have to cook, either.

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