See, other people think we're okay... What other people of questionable taste have said about us...

Best Music Group -- 2010 Renaissance Festival Awards, 2009 Renaissance Festival Awards, and 2007 Renaissance Festival Awards
Best New CD -- 2007 Renaissance Festival Awards

Top 10 Music Performer, 2005 Renaissance Festival Performer Awards

Nominated for "Best Traditional Folk Music Duo/Group" by the Washington Area Music Association -- 2006, 2005, 2001, and 2002
Tales of the Brigantine Nominated for "Best Recording" by the Washington Area Music Association

Included in Washingtonian Magazine's "Great Music" issue -- February 2003



"Before Jack Sparrow, there were the Pyrates Royale." -- Laurie DeWitt, The Gazette

"From their zany beginnings as an improv comedy troupe to their unerring ability to keep audiences hooting in laughter, don't let the Pyrates Royale fool you! This merry band with their superb harmonies deliver top-notch musical entertainment with traditional music, sea shanties and English pub songs. A treat for the ears and the funny bones."
-- First Night Annapolis

"The Pyrates Royale are the kings and queens of innuendo and insinuation."
-- Christine Markel Lampe, No Quarter Given
Review of Love at Fyrst Nyte
Review of Lyve Behind Bars
Review of Hello, Sailor

"The singing is great, the presentation is awesome and the package is a hell of a lot of fun."
-- Tom Knapp, Rambles Magazine
Review of Love at Fyrst Nyte
Review of Lyve Behind Bars
Review of Hello, Sailor

"My wife Jennifer and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon. There were many times that your music came to mind as we were looking at different areas. (Mist Covered Mountains of Home came to mind as we were looking at the Cliffs of Mohrer.)
We thought you'd like to know that your music never goes away."
-- Sean and Jennifer Doherty

"Really liked the CD! You guys can REALLY harmonize!"
-- Brad Bender

"This is amazing. Kick ass CD. I'm pretty sure my neighbors are not appreciating the fact that I've gotten it, but they can deal with a bit of 'Mist Covered Mountains' each night."
-- Regan Avery

"Singing along with you at the White Hart brought the joy of singing back to me. I joined a Navy choir at Ft. Meade and took over as director shortly after, but that wasn't quite what I was after, so I joined the Bach Society of Baltimore and helped to put on the Madrigal Feast last winter. As fun as that was, nothing compares to singing along with Pyrates."
-- Aric A. M. Albone

"We really enjoyed ourselves at the Maryland fest the opening weekend, and even though my husband, never a pub type, was reluctant, he enjoyed your onstage antics."
-- Maria and Opie Duvall

"My mom asked me to write to you and send you a great big YAY!!!!!! for the new cd. She got it today and I think she's already started to wear it out! : ) She has been playing it at a high volume on repeat ever since she got it."
-- Cindy Stanford

"Chrissy and I wanted to tell you all what a blast we thought the album release party was! We have not had that much fun in a long, long time."
-- Adam Stevenson

"I enjoyed your web page as much as a good rum. I am very pleased to see that there are some mates out there that enjoy the era and lore of that time. Keep up the good work. I am adding your web page to my favorites and will be back often."
-- Mike Godfrey

"Thank you so much for this wonderful Web Site. I've spent the entire last several hours (there goes another work day!) on the site, downloading pictures, enjoying soundbytes, listening to the CD, reading, and laughing.
And I truly thank you for entertaining me, my family, and all the crowds. I enjoy coming to the Festival for many reasons, not the least of which is seeing the Pyrates perform."
-- Karen Beleck

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