Hello, Sailor (released 1997)
Our debut recording featuring:
Jennifer Bell as Fifi le Bon Bon -- vocals, violin, french wine and cheeses
Brad Howard as Capt. Fletcher T. Moone -- vocals, steel-toed boots, chief bastard
Lynn Cunningham as Peg Reilly -- vocals, bodhran, beverages
Matt Salisbury as Ensign Wesley Stubbs (Retired) -- vocals, painful itch and swelling
Craig Williams as Long John Skivvy (the serious one) -- vocals, guitar, pennywhistle
Darcy Nair as Lady Vanity -- vocals, octave mandolin, hammered dulcimer (also known as kindling)
Damon Hersh as Louis the Moor -- vocals, ladies' hearts

Leeward Side
WORT... in Tortuga!
The Bristol Channel Jamboree
Good Ale
Old Joe
Sailor's Prayer
Bell-Bottomed Trousers

Windward Side
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Maid on the Shore
Blow the Man Down
Drink Old England Dry
Down Among the Dead Men
One, Twice, Thrice
What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?
Mist-Covered Mountains of Home
The Album Release Party: The Police Report

Review in No Quarter Given

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