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What exactly is the Pyrates Royale? An act? A music group? A comedy troupe? A gang of consenting adults who never grew out of their childhood love of playing "dress up" and "pretend?"
After a decade of noise pollution, money-grubbing and general delinquency masquerading as entertainment, we still haven't answered this question to anyone's satisfaction. What we have done is performed in our own inimitable style, combining seafaring music and comedy, at these otherwise respectable places:

Good Morning America
A&E’s Hornblower Series promotional events -- Baltimore, Md. and New York City
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts -- Washington, D.C.
The Walter’s Art Gallery -- Baltimore, Md.
Chesapeake Music Hall -- Annapolis, Md.
Courtyard Concert Cafe -- Falls Church, Va.
Royal Mile Tavern -- Wheaton, Md.
Mick O'Shea's Pub -- Baltimore, Md.
Institute of Musical Traditions Concert Series -- Washington, D.C
WorldCon '98 -- Baltimore, Md.
Maryland Renaissance Festival -- Annapolis, Md.
Washington Folk Festival -- Washington, D.C.
Potomac Celtic Festival -- Leesburg, Va.
Folklore Society of Greater Washington MiniFest -- Washington, D.C.
The Mariner's Museum -- Newport News, Va.
Southern Maryland Celtic Festival -- St. Leonard, Md.
Potomac River tour on private yacht The Mystery -- Washington, D.C.
Florida Renaissance Festival --
St. Louis Renaissance Festival --
Pirates in Paradise Festival -- Marathon, Fla. and Key West, Fla.
Harborfest -- Norfolk, Va.
Georgia Renaissance Festival -- Atlanta, Ga.
Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival -- Cornwall, Pa.
First Night Norfolk -- Norfolk, Va.

Tallship Bounty
Tallship Rose
Tallship Kalmar Nyckel
Tallship Godspeed
The Harbor Queen
Private yacht The Mystery

weddings and private parties...
...and a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner (we're not kidding)

We have boarded ships, acted in plays, interacted with crowds, played prettily at weddings and sung raucously at parties. We are available in costume or in "civvies" -- no event is too unconventional and no client is too creative! We even switched genres and ventured into country-western mode for one production (clearly, we are without shame).
Read these testimonials, then contact Darcy Nair. We'll be happy to discuss your evil plans and our very reasonable rates.

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