Love at Fyrst Nyte (released 2001)
Recorded live at First Night Annapolis

Note: because this was a live album, we did something a little differently and put the introductions and band chatter on separate tracks instead of with the song tracks. That way, listeners can opt out of hearing our silly banter by programming their CD players accordingly. However, it can make things a bit confusing if one programs "random play."

  1. Band Introduction
  2. Bonny Ship The Diamond
  3. One More Day Intro
  4. One More Day
  5. Swing the Cat Intro
  6. Swing the Cat
  7. Minguelay Boat Song
  8. Twiddles Intro
  9. Twiddles
  10. Shanghai Brown Intro
  11. Shanghai Brown
  12. Paddy West Intro
  13. Paddy West
  14. Wild Goose Intro
  15. Wild Goose
  16. The Ballad of Old Redcoat Intro
  17. The Ballad of Old Redcoat
  18. The Boatman
  19. Hellship Intro
  20. Hellship
  21. Topman and the Afterguard
  22. Auld Lang Syne Intro
  23. Auld Lang Syne
Lynn Cunningham
. . . as Peg Reilly -- vocals, bodhran, beverages

Paul DiBlasi
. . . as Drake Mallard -- vocals, tacky accent

Jennifer Garman
. . . as Fifi le Bon Bon -- vocals, violin, feathers

Brad Howard
. . . as Capt. Fletcher T. Moone -- vocals, principle bastard

Darcy Nair
. . . as Kat Fairbanks -- vocals, octave mandolin, hammered dulcimer, wedgies

Craig Williams
. . . as Long John Skivvee -- vocals, guitar, long-winded liner notes

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