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These here web pages come highly recommended by Ulysses Katherine (Kat) Fairbanks, Navigator for the Pyrates Royale and the H.M.S Sinkwell. Visit all the links you want, we'll make more!

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Totally Useless But Lotsa Fun

Pyrates & Piracy

No Quarter Given (NQG): Brought to you by Jamaica Rose, the lady who produces the newsletter of the same name. A wondrous source of information on all things piratical, including a calendar of events and tons of reference material.
NQG's Ports O' Call on the Internet: This deserves its own mention. Arguably the most extensive list of online information on just about every aspect of piracy. Organized by topic -- including history, museums, music, books, groups and costuming -- this is the FIRST place you should go to begin any online research on our favorite subject!

alt.culture.jollyroger: Get your jollies in this newsgroup devoted to piracy... That would be high seas piracy, kids, NOT hacking or any mischief of THAT ilk.

The Buccaneer Trading Company: Not only is this a gorgeous website to look at, but they sell fabulous antique maps, coins and other artifacts. (drool, drool...)

The Pyrate Web Ring: A grouping of pyrattical websites.

The Longship Company: Vikings were the original pyrates! These maniacs maintain and tool around in two replica viking ships. That means rowing, fer goshsakes!

The Purple Unicorn: The clothes really DO make the pyrate. Find beautifully handmade shirts, vests, pants, cloaks, hats and more from this family-owned company.

West Coast Mutineers: They bellow, they brandish their weapons, they fight, they even pose for pretty pictures... We met these rapscallions and harlots years ago at the Pirates in Paradise Festival in Key West, and we look forward to reuniting with them every year!

Blackbeard Lives! Follow that dastardly pirate Blackbeard as he plunders his way up the east coast! Lots of fun without all the Mal de Mer.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Net (official Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum webpage): Okay, so it's a commercial website. It's STILL a lot of fun and you just can't beat that domain name!


Music & Musicians

Ship's Company Chanteymen: This jolly band of merrymakers has been seen all up and down the East Coast. This group founded the popular monthly public shanty sings at the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, MD.

The Mudcat Cafe: Ya want the words to your favorite folk songs? This site's got just about all of 'em! Search with key words or browse the alphabetical list of titles. Some songs include a wav file of the melody. What's really fun is finding multiple versions of the same song -- with different words (and the folk process marches on).

Big Bear Productions: The Big Bear is our highly-esteemed and hard-working "Sound God," Scott Twiford.

WETA - Washington, DC: The home of Mary Cliff's Traditions radio show, which highlights local folk music events and musicians.

Tom Lewis: The "Ancient SubMariner" himself is online! This is the extremely talented fellow who wrote "Sailor's Prayer." We're not worthy!!

Darcy Nair: Darcy plays hammered dulcimer and sings. She recruited a few of the Pyrates Royale crewmembers to help her with her solo CD called I feel my heart fly.

Seamus Kennedy: Seamus has been around the folk scene for decades, and he hasn't lost his touch. He plays heavenly Irish music and can make you laugh like hell, too.

IONA: A talented and successful traditional celtic music group based in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Rogues of Scotland: This band of bagpipers and drummers has raised the roof at the Maryland Renaissance Festival since 1996.

Oasis Duplication: This unscrupulous company manufactures the very CDs with which we intend to carry out our evil plans for world domination!

Celtic Musicians in DC: Joe Shelby has created an extensive online listing of DC-area celtic music events. AND, a very cool interactive calendar that you can add events to!

Schooner Fare: Another talented group of seafarin' musicians. We sing one of their originals, "We're Here to Drink the Whiskey."

Hammered Dulcimers in History -- Uniquely Revisionist: Did you know that Bach played hammer dulcimer? Okay, it's not documented, but with the clever use of computer graphics programs, the evil "Kitchen Musician" plays with history. Wish I'd thought of this myself!

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville: What can I say? It's a damn fun website for a damn fun musician.


Festivals & Venues

The Medieval Renaissance Directory: From Academia to Weddings, this directory lists everything medieval and renaissance.

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington: A dedicated group of people who volunteer their time to support the D.C. area's thriving folk music community.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival: Where we got our start more than a decade ago, and where we'll probably play 'till we're old and gray (management willing, that is).

Maryland Renfest Withdrawal Syndrome: A very tongue-in-cheek concept, yet this website has become a clearinghouse of sorts for all things pertaining to MRF. In fact, I'd argue that it's better than the official webpage. A great site for keeping track of what many of the festival's performers and artisans are up to all year 'round.

Directorie of Renaissance Faires: This page lists -- no kidding -- more than 100 renaissance festivals. ...My god, it's full of faires...

The Mariners' Museum: A huge, beautiful museum in Newport News, Virginia. Fascinating and ever-changing exhibits and events.

Mystic Seaport: Another terrific nautical museum -- located in Mystic, Connecticut, it honors one of the nation's most famous and historically-important ports. Its annual maritime music festival is among the county's biggest.


FOPs (Friends of Pyrates) An unofficial fan website with reviews and photos of the Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania faires.

Aric's Home Page: Find wonderful photographs of the crew, and of other performers at the 1996 and 1998 Md. Renaissance Festival.

Keltik's Story: Keltik (aka Karen), is a "fairever" patron and part-time booth worker at the Md. faire. When she isn't singing along with us in the pub, she's valiantly trying to keep our filthy mitts offa her employer's jewelry! Like many silly persons on this list, she uses this webpage to try and explain herself.

Here There Be Dragons: Whitedragon (aka Keith) is another one of our kind and supportive fans who spends waaaaaay too much time at the Md. Renaissance Festival! (Not that there's anything wrong with that... )

Castle MacDobran: Another lovely virtual castle. But when you visit, remember this important rule: NO running with claymores in the hallways! "Dobhran" by the way, is gaelic for otter.

Hemloche's Homepage: Hemloche earned the dubious title "CD Wench" after doing such a fine job selling our recordings at the 1998 MD Ren. Fest.


Other Performers

Bob daVinci: His brother Lenny got the good looks, but Bob got all the talent!

Hack and Slash: Their wit is as quick and sharp as their dazzling swordplay!

Broon: Aka Brian Howard, Broon plays with fire, straight jackets, chains, bowling balls and other objects of destruction.

Rat Catcher Emrys Fleet: A ratcatcher who moonlights as the unofficial offical pucker in charge of "Rat Puck" at the Md. Renaissance Festival, as well as many other festivals. But we met him in Key West. Anyway, he's filthy, drunk, and rude, and he plays with vermin. One of the finest people we know.

Free Lancers of the Cimmerian Combatives: A fantastic jousting company, and these folks are a class act off-stage, too.

The Royal Chessmen: We met these fine stage fighters at the Pyrates in Paradise Festival in Marathon, Fla. These blokes and ladies put on a great show!


Totally Useless But Lotsa Fun

Clash of the Titanic: A satirical script of that maudlin wreck of a movie, in which an iceberg and the inconvenient deaths of thousands of people disrupt a love triangle psychodrama. Not that I'm cynical.

Center for the Easily Amused: That would probably be you.

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer: Pretty self-explanatory...

Eric Conveys an Emotion: Dumfounded, sassy, working on a tech support line, this guy has an impressive range... and too much free time, apparently...

De-Motivational Posters: Whomever invented those asinine motivational posters that people love to hang up in offices should be keel-hauled IMMEDIATELY.

Philosophies to Get You Through the Day: I'd like my quote o' the day with extra cynicism, please.

Your Not-So-Good Horoscope: Tired of the gratuitous flattery in your astrological profile? Here's your reality check.

The Onion: America's Finest News Source. No, really. NOTE: this site uses very adult language.


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